About Us

BINA ENTERPRISES was established over 30 years ago and was set up by Avtar Singh, the second-generation owner of BINA MUSICAL STORES as part of diversification into western instruments. The founder is a keen visionary and a man of strict principles who has always listened and responded to customer requirements. As a result, BINA musical instruments have gained a worldwide reputation for their quality, ease of use and adaptability to any environment. This is evident from the variety of models that we offer for every instrument to suit everyone’s needs and requirements.

We are pioneers in the art of making the Harmonium, because of which BINA is a household name in music circles. Our production facilities include cutting, planing, polishing, carpentry, assembling, tuning, and packing, all under one roof.  Emphasis has been placed on quality control with pre-polishing, pre-tuning and pre-packing inspections.

Now, having come this far, BINA ENTERPRISES is committed to bringing to you all types of world class instruments at competitive prices. We have diversified, and now boast of an impressive array of musical instruments in our portfolio and stock most leading foreign and local brands at our retail outlet & offer a wide selection to musicians looking for all types of instruments whether Indian or western.

Operating without interruption since its conception, our trained and efficient staff provides stringent and effective control over the complete manufacturing process, from raw material to the finished instruments. Only the best of seasoned woods are used for all our instruments, which give them the exceptional tonal quality that they are now famous for.